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Good LOURD! I NEVER update this stuff anymore!

I keep the almost-daily blog going, so check there for cool stuff!

here's more cool stuff: more toilet seats:



Jeez, do I ever update this page?!

Apparently not! I've been a-bloggin' on my other blog, so check it out for more updated stuff. I've been working, skating, winning league championships, painting and selling toilet seats in galleries, and all around been busybusybusy.

Here's the latest flyer for the latest Derby Dolls bout. GO TO THIS BOUT! It'll be INSANELY COOL. It'll sell out in advance, so go to the website on the flyer and buy tix ASAP.



I've been busy. Hellishly busy. RIdiculously busy. Stoopidly busy. Some of it is day-job stuff. Most of it is derby crap. I've done a couple of posters, but they won't upload. They're on the blog. Check it out.


If you're in LA, you're required to go to the Quadfather's Day bout. I'm skating in it. Hells yeah!




Meet the now-dearly-departed Lulabelle. She was a benign tumor that was attached to one of my salivary glands just below my jaw. She was taken out surgically on Feb. 16 with no complications, and she was just bigger than a walnut. Is it just me, or does she kinda look like a piece of sweet-and-sour chicken? Mmmmm, good eatin'!


Happy New Year, everyone!

I don't know how often people check this page, especially since my updates aren't done very often. I'm still blogging away here, so for the fascinating minutae that is my life(imagine that I'm typing that with sarcasm), go check it out.

The Derby Dolls are going to be starting our first actual season sometime in mid-February. There's an email list on the website you can join so that you can find out when and where that'll be happening when we get everything all set up.

If you haven't already, check out A&E's Rollergirls show. It's a reality show of sorts that follows the Lonestar girls out of Austin, TX. This is the league that started the latest round of 40+ all-girl leagues in the US, and they're a fun bunch of girls.

Art-wise, I've been painting on a couple of new toilet seats. When they're done I'll post some pix.



Happy Halloween!




I don't know why, but I started a blog. Check it out here!


The more I see on the news about what Hurricaine Katrina has done to New Orleans, the more dumbfounded I am. It's definitely going to be a different place from what I remember of it when I visited in the 90's. There's a burgeoning derby league in NOLA who along with thousands of other locals have lost just about everything they own, and they're needing help. If you want to donate $$$ to the Big Easy Rollergirls, go to the Atlanta Rollergirls website and check out the Paypal button they have on the left-hand side of their page.

Last weekend brought Rollercon 2005 to Lost Wages. What's Rollercon, you ask? It's a gathering of 400+ rollergirls from all over the country, whose aim is to meet n' greet, do a little scrimmaging in 109-degree heat, conquer the local skate parks, take part in a fun scavenger hunt, get some out-of-town merchandise, arm-rassle, scream important Rollercon announcements without the benefit of a microphone(my voice is still trashed), drink pina coladas by the pool, and generally have a great time. I met a LOT of wonderful women there, and can't wait for next year! I took a pitifully small amount of photos, but I did get a shot or 4 of my bitchin' parasol that I painted myself:

Yeah, I'm a goober...what of it? I'm just glad the fucking thing survivied the weekend...I almost didn't!



Daaaang, thing's are BUSY. In case you haven't heard or seen, our last bout on Sat. May 12 was BUSTED by the fire marshall 2/3rds of the way through the first period. ARGH. So our last bout at our Naud St. location went down as an affair to remember...cops, cop helicopters, hook-and-ladder fire trucks, and a bunch of cops and firemen who looked like they certainly didn't want to bust us up. We expect to get a new warehouse space SOON so that we can get back into the swing of things.

In the meantime, the Derby Dolls are going to have an art auction Sat. June 18 here in LA. I'm going to have a couple of toilet seats up, so come on down and see what's what. Check out the flyer!



Hey everyone, been busy as hell lately, what with derby stuff, work, and a sick cat going on.

The Derby Dolls have been having some exclusive exhibition bouts at our practice space in Chinatown, but that's coming to an end this Saturday, as we lost our practice space. Dammit! So if you know of a warehouse space in downtown LA that could house a banked track and a crowd LEGALLY, get in contact with me ASAP!

I'm now working on a show called "Coconut Fred" for Warners. It's a ripoff of Spongebob Squarepants but it's fun, funny, and silly as heck. I'm enjoying it immensely, AND I get to work from home. Score! I think it'll be on the WB this fall.

Anyway, it's back to work for me. Remember, this Saturday my team the Fight Crew will have a rematch against the Sirens in what will promise to be a spectacular bout and a good way to end our tenure at our Chinatown digs. Come on down and see the fun.


Hey! It's the new year!

So I went to Tejas and back. Had a GREAT time with the folks at DNA and met some hella cool derby chicks in Austin. Also had more fun than humanly possible at the Texas State Fair.

I'm glad to be back in Hell Lay with my derby girls and my husband and even the damn cats that keep waking me up early in the morning. I'm unemployed but am extremely busy preparing for the upcoming Derby Dolls season which will start in late February or early March. Keep checking the Derby Dolls site for the latest info on that!

Hopefully I'll have some of the derby stuff I've been working on up for your viewing displeasure soon. Check the Thumbnail Page 2 for that.



Thankfully I'm done with Duck Dodgers and am now packing up to go back to Texas! Woohoo! I'm going back to Dallas at the beginning of October for a seven week stint at DNA Studios. I'm taking my skates with me so that I'll hopefully get to catch up with the Austin leagues and skate with them. That would be HOT.

Last week I and my fellow Derby Dolls saw the Datsuns play the Troubadour. Whatta fantastic show! Mucho better than just listening to their cd's. These guys are gonna be huge. Catch 'em if you can.



Another lapse in updates. Silly me. What's new? I'm now team captain for the Fight Crew with the Derby Dolls. Amazing how I went from totally being lame skate-wise to screaming at a bunch of ferocious derby chicks! The league just did a video shoot for a kickass band from New Zealand called The Datsuns. The song's called "Girls Best Friend" and it's fun. The shoot was GREAT, the band were REALLY good sports, and you can see pix from it here.

I'm now working on the Duck Dodgers tv series. Quite a change from Scooby Doo! It's fun and short term, so I'll be back out on the streets in October. Hopefully I can get some kind of road trip in there at that time.


Check this out...I broke my damn skate at practice!

Luckily I already went and bought new and improved skates that are giving me blisters from hell.


As time goes by, so does life...

It looks like no return trip to Tejas for feature fun pour moi. Grrrr! So back to Scooby-freakin'-Doo I go. On the plus side, I'll be able to continue the roller derby thang for the foreseeable future. Speaking of which, my trading card is UP and ONLINE! Go look! NOW!

In other news, since I'm back at Warners, I got the chance to throw three of the painted terlit seats into the employee art show for the month of April. How cool is THAT? Well, it may not be earth-shattering but hey, I'm easily amused.

Also, I put up some new links on the LINKS PAGE. They consist of the new roller derby section and giving some props to the fun, funny friends at Gallery HorseCow. Check 'em all out!



Aw yeah! This weekend was the first fundraiser for LA's roller derby league, the Derby Dolls. The purpose of it was to raise money so that the league can get a warehouse and build a banked track for future matches. The turnout was FANTASTIC despite the rain, the music was great, the decor rocked, the mud wrestling was fun, the raffle prizes were cool, the shirts and other Derby Doll goodies are the hippest merchandise anywhere, and the girls were HOT HOT HOT. Speaking of hot, I was corralled into working hot dog duty for part of the night. Even though I didn't have proper utensils to handle the food, the guys didn't seem to mind too much, especially when I told them that I cleaned my hands by licking them. I also pulled merchandise duty and cigarette girl duty. Business for the cigarette girl stuff dropped off dramatically when the jello shots ran out. Overall a great time was had and it's well worth the hangover I'm nursing today. Oh yeah, did I mention my o-fish-all Derby name? "Tara Armov". Gotta love those puns!


When I was in Texas, a friend of mine told me about the new fun thing going on in Austin...womens roller derby. I missed seeing either of the two Austin leagues, but guess what? There's now an LA league. Isn't THAT cool! You know what's even more cool? I've been going to the practices. Other than a nasty landing on my tailbone(OUCH!) it's been a lot of fun. Check out their site here.


Wow, another year come and gone...welcome to 2004. As a whole I'm glad '03 is in the can, and I'm looking forward to doing more stuff in '04. I've started by adding a couple of pix on the Thumbnail page, so go check out Brigitte and the Bikini gal!